UCO - Used Cooking Oil

Franco Longhini UCO

The UCO is collected in Taiwan from restaurant and/or food industry in full compliance with the local environmental legislation. Afterward it’s then transferred in a collection tank where is filtered. At this point both quality and quantity of the product are inspected. If the inspection pass, the UCO is finally stored in a sealed tank ready to be stuffed according to customer’s requirement and shipped out. We operate in compliance with the ISCC certification and upon customer request we can provide “Waste Transfer Note”.

POME-ME 60% Min

Franco Longhini Processed Palm Acid Oil

The Palm Oil processing process generates highly polluting waste-water compounds, known as Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), which are usually discarded as effluent waters leaking contaminants to the ground and releasing methane gas into the atmosphere. Around 600-700 kg of POME are generated for every ton of oilseed. Our processed Acid Oil is obtained from the separation and recovery of the discharged effluent waters. We operate in compliance to the latest “low carbon & low energy consumption” regulation.


Franco Longhini PAO

The product is obtained by collecting and processing the residue generated from the oil mill effluent pond. First, the residue is centrifuged into different layers according the specific gravity. We generate 3 main outputs: sludge (organic compound), water and acid oil. Second, the sludge oil is then dryed and cleaned ready to be stored and shipped to the end users. SBEO is recovered from spent bleaching earth by means of a solvent extraction. After removal of the solvent the product is ready to be delivered to customer.

FAME - Biodiesel

Franco Longhini PME

Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) is obtained by transesterification of various residual feedstock including Palm Fatty Acid (PFAD), soybean acid oil (SBAO), used cooking oil (UCO) and various other vegetal and animal oils and fats. The residual oils and fats are locally produced and recovered and are also imported from other Asian countries. All recovering and manufacturing processes are in full compliance with the latest local environmental regulation and the finished biodiesel product is ISCC certified.


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