Service Quality Standards
With 20 years’ experience in biodiesel manufacturing and trading and 10 years in Oil& Gas Franco Longhini is a reliable partner dedicated to the renewable energy Industry. He developed over the years a solid and long term business relationship with the Palm Oil Industry key players. The companies engaged by Franco Longhini have outstanding performance records and quality standards including ISCC & INS certification. The environmental concerns regarding deforestation and indirect land use change are taken very seriously by Franco Longhini and He’s Associates. Therefore all products manufactured and traded under his supervision are always in compliance to the latest European Environmental Legislations in Force.

Biodiesel Plant - Malaysia

Franco Longhini is the co-founder of a 60,000 MTY biodiesel manufacturing plant setup in Malaysia (Bright Integrity Sdn Bhd formerly known as Lereno Sdn Bhd). The plant was successfully commissioned in September 2007. Upon plant's completion he was appointed as Technical Director and was in charge of the production process. Under his management and supervision the Company achieved excellent quality standard. Furthermore, in collaboration with Lurgi AG he developed the “Winterization Process” of the plant. Such technology allowed the plant to produce FAME 0 from “non-food crop feedstock.


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